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Manual abstract:  
proceed with the following steps. 2. Note the letters printed near the terminals. Attach labels (enclosed) to each wire for identification. Remove and label  
wires one at a time. Make sure the wires do not fall back inside the wall. 3. Loosen all screws on the old thermostat and remove it from the wall. W  
MOUNTING THE UNIT ON THE WALL 1. Press down on the button on top of thermostat and swing the body away from the base and down to remove the  
body from the base.  
Y W 2. Strip insulation 3/8 in. (9.5mm) from wire ends and clean off any corrosion. Y W R 3.  
Fill wall opening with non-combustible insulation to prevent drafts from affecting the thermostat. C A U T I O N Be careful not to drop the body or disturb  
electronic parts. C A U T I O N · Your thermostat is a precision instrument. Please handle it with care. · Turn off electricity to the appliance before installing  
or servicing thermostat or any part of the system.  
Do not turn electricity back on until work is completed. · Do not short (jumper) across electric terminals at control on furnace or air conditioner to test the  
system. This will damage the thermostat and void your warranty. · All wiring must conform to local codes and ordinances. · This thermostat is designed for  
use with 24 volt and millivolt systems. The thermostat should be limited to a maximum of 1.0 amps; higher amperage may cause damage to the thermostat. If  
you are in doubt, call your utility company. © COPYRIGHT 2004 LUX PRODUCTS CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1 NOTE If you are  
mounting the base to a soft material like plasterboard or if you are using the old mounting holes, the screws may not hold.  
Drill a 3/16-in. (4.8mm) hole at each screw location, and insert the plastic anchors provided. Then mount the base as described below. ATTACHING WIRES  
4. Hold the base against the wall, with the wires coming through wherever it is convenient for wiring. Route the wires to below the terminal block. Position  
the base for best appearance (to hide any marks from an old thermostat). Attach the base to the wall with the two screws provided. C A U T I O N Do not  
allow wires to touch each other or parts on thermostat.  
Wires must be trapped between black spacer and brass terminal. Also, be sure to tighten securely all 7 electrical terminal screws. WIRING DIAGRAMS ©  
COPYRIGHT 2004 LUX PRODUCTS CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2 These diagrams are provided for new installations or unreferenced  
wires. · In the winter, set the system switch to HEAT to control your heating system.  
· In the summer, set the switch to COOL to control your air conditioner. · In spring and fall or when windows are open, you can set the system switch OFF. ·  
Setting the FAN switch to AUTO automatically runs your system's fan during heating and cooling. · Setting the FAN switch to N O T E ON runs your system's  
fan The FAN switch works only if your system continuously even without provides a wire for the UNIT'S "G" terminal. heating or cooling.  
ADVANCED FEATURES TEMPERATURE SWING A thermostat works by turning your heating or cooling system on and off whenever the room temperature  
varies a certain number of degrees from the set-point temperature. This variation is the "swing." Your thermostat is carefully tuned to provide you with  
exceptional comfort as well as provide you with energy savings. Should you desire to have the temperature controlled even more tightly in your home at the  
expense of increased energy savings, you can change the swing value. Also users of forced hot water systems may find this setting more comfortable. Located  
on the back of the thermostat body are three jumpers. To change from 0.5 degree F control to 0.25 degree F control, remove the jumper indicated by 0.5 F / 0.  
25 F. INSTALLING BATTERIES/ MAINTENANCE The unit requires batteries to operate your furnace and retain its memory. Replace the batteries when the  
LO BATT indicator appears in the display or at least once a year. If you have an electric system and the blower does not operate after installation, find the  
electric/gas heat selector on the back of the body. Move the selector to the ELEC position. 1. Remove fresh batteries from their carton. 2..